(This interview is also in french, you can find it here)

When you’re watching some art on the Internet, you can find absolutely everything. But sometimes, there are pictures that captivate your sight. So, after some weeks watching the work of the this kind of artist, I decided to contact him to discover his universe and ask him some questions.

He kindly accepted. His name is Eric Avagian (@eric_avagian on Instagram). Let’s discover him.

© Eric Avagian – Instagram

– About him :

« Hello Anthony. I am from Armenia, and in 2010 I graduated from the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts.

I have been painting since my early years, but I did not have a definite direction. For a long time I was looking for a language and my handwriting with which would be able to interpret what disturbs me or will be interesting to a certain type of society. I do not try to be clear to everyone and everything. My direction is some way an “informal art” , but not at 100%, there is an influence with “tachisme” and “dadaism”. By now, I’m still looking for something and I already found something.

I work exclusively in the studio. Drawing in the streets and in nature landscapes or tasteless-colorful paintings are not my type of work. Also, do I have any favorite topics that I often use my own works… I love history, especially WWII.

About the public, if someone likes my work, I do not bear responsibility for this ; and if someone does not like it, then this is their lack, not mine.

Music for me is a separate story, I do it myself but not professionally. From the classics, I listen to Wagner, when there is something lacking in courage. I also like folk music, I’m inspired by the work of Robert Milkwood Thomas “artist-performer, artist, writer and film actor”.

From fiction I love Dostoïevsky, especially Crime and Punishment. In the world of cinema, I like some actors such as “Clint Eastwood”, “Joaquin Phoenix” , “Michael Shannon” and of course, “Nicole Kidman”.

© Eric Avagian – Instagram

– About modern art :

What for me Modern art, this is a black hole that sucks many people, so-called “art connoisseurs”.

If an apple hits the shit, it’s something material that has mass and weight, unfortunately this is part of modern art of the 21st century. In my opinion people are too free to think.

I do not like democracy in art.

– About future plans :

I just wanted to say that the work on Instagram are just sketches. For now, I do not plan to upload large and final works on Instagram. I have nothing to sell, while I do not think about it. At least for now.

For now, I just would like to want to rent a small studio and then move to Europe. »

© Eric Avagian – Instagram

I guess we just have to thank him for those words. Sometimes, if you want to understand, you just have to ask. You can find the work of Eric on Instagram (@eric_avagian) and send him some comments. I hope that we will keep in touch and by the way, we stay tuned to his work !